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  • "I found the massage chair 8300 is a quite good chair which has lots of functions far beyond my expectations~! Thanks!" -Jean A. Langius.  2012-03-25

  • "I felt that the leg massager is amazing, it's really shaping my calf, the fat just goes away gradually, hah~~!" -Mona, Hagan.  2012-03-28

  • "Thanks for the excellent services given through the entire process, today I have received the massage chair from the DHL service, it is faster than I expected actually, and I have tried this CA8300, So comfortable full body massage, great function of the zero grivity" -Lavonne Braseth.  2012-04-27

  • "The coin operated massage chair CCM01 is well installed in our office, it is not so hard to figure out the settings as i thought, thanks for your service, wish you have more and more business and customers". - Leon T. Larsen. 2012-05-17

  • "Thanks for your cooperation and asisstances for the tax matters on customer clearance, it had gone thorugh the custom on Tuesday this week, I tested the sofa today, thanks, we keep in touch". - Pavla 2012-05-20

  • "What a pity I lost the chance for your promotion, but i am satisfied for the quality of those massage belts, i started to receive great feedback from our old fitness customers, I get back to write thanks:):):)...". - Anna Paquin. 2012-05-22

  • "Received your massage belt, like it, thanks!!! Lucky to be the first one leave the comments, all the best for your promotion! Regards, Jennifer, Atlanta". - Jennifer Portman. 2012-05-22

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