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Why do customers leave the fitness center?

According to statistics, most visitors to the fitness centers are engaged in the gym once or twice, and then they found a reason to never return. The most common cause for this is a muscle pain after the first workout. How can I solve this problem? It's very simple.

How to keep customers?

Most modern fitness centers equipped with training machines to load the exercise for muscles. At the same time, simulators for relaxation and recovery is most often absent. If you set your fitness center, fitness center where a place can help the body get recovery after a tough load, your customers will be more likely to visit back to take more training in your center.

What is lacking to each visitor in a fitness center?

Every professional athlete has a personal masseuse. Massage before and after exercises allow them to achieve outstanding results. Many visitors to the fitness center cannot afford the professional masseur services. But if they can be offered an inexpensive massage on the massage equipment, like a vending massage chair, they are likely to accept it gladly.

Give your customers what they need:

Place the massage equipment in your fitness center to help clients improve the effectiveness of training and get a quick recovery for them after that. There are several types of massage chairs which can help people to warm up and stretch their muscles before exercise, and relieve pain, eliminate muscle fatigue after the training. The basic principle of this massage service is to remove the toxins and lactic acid generated from the body during the training for a final relaxation. In addition, the massage chair and other massage simulators will provide a therapeutic effect, which is comparable like a nice masseur, but what is more, it helps to burn more calories, where the normal masseurs cannot achieve.

What benefits you could receive:

  •  You will receive additional income from the usage of massage equipment as additional service scheme provided.
  •  You will increase your level of services in the fitness centers or sport centers, to ensure a better quality of service and maximum their satisfactions.
  •  You will be able to retain the existing customers, improve their satisfactions, and reactive their motivation to come.

What’s special for the trainers can get at your fitness center?

Today, the differences between two fitness centers at the same level are less noticeable. Almost any machine and equipment for gym can be found in the same room. Therefore, for trainers, if there are no significances to distinguish you among the others, you will hardly gain competitive advantage than your competitors to attract more customers to go to your fitness center.

This is a unique opportunity for you to be different from the other fitness centers. Keeps the same time setting for your training program; massage does not require anyone to have any big physical exertion but only for relaxation, such as below options:

A 10 minutes session, from this (coin operated or banknotes operated) vending massage chair after the exercise in the gym, shoot all the muscle spasms, sour and fatigue, and make a fast recovery for anyone who intend to be renewed.
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Vibro platforma better than any workout and any trainer prepares the muscles for exercise, allow you to use a reflex contraction of 100% muscle mass.

It is difficult to estimate the beneficial effects of this biomechanical simulator can bring on the musculoskeletal system, as well as the state of hormonal and nervous system of human body, but we know it works quite well in practice.

Biomechanical vibration used successfully in the fitness centers, SPA-salons, etc. This allows you to add more varieties for the workout program and offer something new to the customers who come to classes at the gym or barely being attracted to seek for a regular massage service during their exercise.

The principle of this massage simulator is designed based on the simulation of a horse riding model. It passes “rider” motor impulses to the fitness trainer, it is similar to the real riding movements.

What can I get from this machine:

• Slim waist and belly
• Beautiful shape of buttocks
• A slender figure
• Healthy spine
• Lots of fun
• Wake up the mood


Our Guarantee:

Our guarantee is that all customers who have experienced the merit of vending massage chairs and massage products we described above are unlikely to buy a ticket to go to another fitness center.

We also have no doubt that you will get additional revenue from each of your clients (included new clients who will be introduced to come), and they remain very happy.

We Offer:

Help you to set your fitness center, equipped with massage products and have a steady income, at almost no effort needed.

We offer you two options for cooperation:

1. You buy a massage chair in your property.
In order to minimize your risks of buying massage chairs, we have developed convenient Payment System
2. You can take any vending massage chairs for a lease.

Almost any massage chairs we listed out from our service center can be rented if they’re in stock. The cost of renting massage chairs is approximately around 10% of its value.The average payback period of a massage chair in the fitness center will be from 6 to 9 months, depends on the income level of your region.

Gain Details:
More detailed information about our Vending Massage Chairs, and massage appliances can be obtained by phone +1-888-630-9384 or e-mail: , our CONTACT US page. 


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