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How to capture the fast-growing market share in the supply of massage tools and equipment

More and more people are becoming aware of that feeling good is just as important as looking good. This is why this market has spawned many niches, as new discoveries are made every year which help people live healthier and look better than ever. The notion is that beauty products were only marketed to women and health products to men have long been put to rest.

Today, these products know no such boundaries. It is no surprise that health & beauty shopping stores have been successful and resilient even through in the challenging economic times. This lucrative market is still far from saturated as there are so many facts related to beauty and health that have yet to be addressed.

If your company is engaged in supplying fitness equipment for the comprehensive health services and sports and recreational organizations, you may have already had to deal with the problem of over-saturation of the market. High competition leads to a lower price level, it is reducing the share of the profits. It is often that only a few companies could have possibilities to access the number of consumers to supply their fitness equipment, but very limited. Massage equipments market instead, like selling massage chairs, massage beds, is relatively young and is in a rapidly-growing pace. Any company who entered in this market may obtain its significant share easily. We encourage you to expand your product range to massage equipments on a beneficial cooperation term with us.

What benefits will you get?

  • High yield. The average cost of a massage chair wholesale price is around 1500USD. Your payback may be at least 30 to 40 percent in general.
  • Unlimited opportunities for growth from the consumers who are interested in massage equipments, for example: sports and fitness facilities, beauty salons, spas, saunas, hotels and resort centers, shopping centers, airports, train stations, etc. The coin operated or banknotes operated vending massage chair is ideal for any businesses virtually as an additional service. As previously described, in recent years, people would increasingly focus more on their health condition due to a worsening income and health insurance after the financial crisis. This means that the market potential of massage equipments for selling massage chairs and massage appliances are reasonably large.


We are a top quality massage equipment dealer within the massage products industry. All our massage components are either manufactured in China or Japan, with modern technology used on highly developed massage accessories, all massage products, included massage chair, massage bed, and massage appliances have corresponding certification which is met the international standards. In Asia, our specialists will carry out a set of inspection procedures and necessary measurements that copes the different customers requirements from the international market.

Consistent Warranty, on all our massage chairs, for 12 months up to 5 years. Service Center is located among different countries , across Asia, Europe, North America etc. We are still rapidly expanding; more countries and market areas will be covered soon. We are consistently in full capacity of presenting spare parts and components - it allows you to solve any problems as soon as possible, although to say that the chance of a problem occurs is rarely small.

We offer completed consulting supports. You can expect to rely on us with any help and advices you may have both technically and financially. We interacted with our dealers closely. To help them grow is our fundamental target. Favorable conditions to obtain. our company "Comfort "is an authorized dealer of all submitted massage product catalogue with our brand on it.

Take the first step

Make a request for a dealer price of our Massage Products through this Feedback Form, or contact us by phone +1-888-630-9384, to discuss more details for cooperation. You’re welcome!

Or you can also drop us an e-mail at:, contact information you can find on CONTACT US page.



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