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Massage Chair and Appliance for owners of beauty salons, hairdressing salons and massage parlors

As a salon, to increase the average attendance,
without losing customers.


Many owners of beauty salons and massage parlors, think about how to improve the scope of its activities, how to attract more customers. To solve this problem, there is a fairly simple but effective way, by putting additional services, by choosing products like a massage chair or massage appliances including the followings:

Massage chair as a small cabin, can be used either for the ever-happened waiting queue in a hairdressing salon or for the intervals between the different treatments in a beauty salon, clients will be able to make a pause to enjoy a deeper relaxation with more benefit on her/his fitness.
Additional service program.
Cabinet can be equipped with a special pedicure “Calf/Leg Massager. It can be done in a cosmetic procedure, let’s the customers gain more pleasant experience and relaxation from your place!
What’s more, the leg/calf massager can shape your leg, especially for the calf part, turn to restructure the form of the leg more straight and beautiful. It’s good for a slimming program which you could offer as something extra to your customers. A fantastic massage appliance! 
You can also consider placing this massage sofa with massage functions at your business place. This leisure massage sofa, runs for a 10-minute session, of an overall massage can cover waist/seat/leg/calf/feet, even toes; will finally bring a fundamental enjoyment and relaxation for your visitors!
Creating a fantastic environment for your salon, invite your customers to try this massage sofa, let them to bath in a honey and talking-free place, change the ever cold and less-talking circumstances. Turn your salon to be their most favorable social place.

These simulators are not meant to replace the manual massage if ever available in your salon, but, nevertheless, would be the perfect complement to achieve positive results. As a result, you get:

  • • Additional income
  • • Attracting new customers and enhance satisfactions of the old customers
  • • Promoted the levels of service.

Our company offers you the best terms and options to acquire massage chairs. You can either buy them or rent, the cost of which will be ten percent of the total cost of the chair.

We are confident that through the massage chairs you use in your salon, you can significantly increase customer attendance and, consequently, make more profits out of it!

More detailed information about our massage chairs and massage appliances can be obtained by phone +1-888-630-9384 or e-mail on our CONTACT US page. 


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