> Comfort Massage Chair CA series
Massage Chair CA-03 NEW!
Massage Chair CA-2316 NEW!
Massage Chair CA-8300
Massage Chair CA-6008 NEW!
Massage Chair CA-6250 NEW!
> Comfort Massage Chair CB series
Massage Chair CB-6120
Massage Chair CB-A27
Massage Chair CB-A08
Massage Chair CB-H01 NEW!
> Comfort Coin / Banknotes Operated Vending Massage Chair CC series
Double Seat Vending Massage Chair CC-03TT
Vending Massage Chair CC-05TT
Banknotes / Paper Money Operated CC-M06A
Coin Operated Vending Massage Chair CC-M01
> Comfort Massage Bed Wireless Auto-Control (Single) CD series
Bed Massage CD-ZH02
Massage Bed CD-F23
> Comfort Massage Bed (Double) Wireless Auto-Control CE series
House Furniture Bed Massage CE-F39
House Furniture Bed Massage CE-F38
House Furniture Bed Massage CE-F37
Luxurious Hotel/Resort Bed Massage CE-F15
House Furniture Bed Massage CE-F10
Luxurious Hotel/Resort Bed Massage CE-F05
> Comfort Leisure Massage Recliner and Sofa CF series
Foldable Massage Sofa CF-6001 NEW!
Leisure Chair Massage CF-B012
Swinging Massage Chair CG-C01
Leisure Massage Recliner CG-L01
> Comfort Office Massage Chair CG series
Office Massage Chair CG-06B
Office Massage Chair CG-B2B
> Comfort Car Massage Cushion CH series
Massage Cushion CH-C051
Massage Cushion CH-2007Z-C
Massage Cushion CH-05-C NEW!
Massage Cushion CH-05-D NEW!
Massage Cushion CH-06-A1 NEW!
Massage Cushion CH-05-A NEW!
> Comfort Massage Appliances/Equipment CI series
Slimming Belt Massage CI-2010 NEW!
Pro Shoulder/Back Massager CI-2020 NEW!
Leg/Calf/Foot Massager CI-1980 NEW!
Massage Belt CI-01 NEW!
Massage Pillow CI-02/CI-03B NEW!
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Oval-elliptical nodes slowly and gently move up and down your back, near the spine, gently alternating side to side. Emulates the feel of a massage performed by a professional masseur. It is designed to warm up and loosen the muscles to relieve tension, and prepare the back for a deeper, therapeutic massage.


Massage nodes moving in small, circular motion on both sides of spine simultaneously. Relieves tension and soreness by lifting and stretching muscles. Improves circulation and relieves vital muscle along the spinal area.


Alternating strokes along the spine that stimulate both spinal muscles and spinal joint areas. Flexes spinal joints and relieves pressure on spinal column. Invigorates entire back area.


Alternating strokes along the back that press on both spinal muscles and spinal joint areas. Aids in muscle and joint repair typically caused by strain from exercise, poor posture bent over a desk, or high stress levels.


Alternating strokes along the spine that stimulate a different form of punch massage action.


Its slow yet firm actions stimulate specific acupressure points for back muscle relief.


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